Joe's Karting


"Tricky Triangle" Leagues presented by Joe's Karting

November 7th – February 13th


November 7th, 2023 – February 13th, 2024

November 7th
November 14th
November 21st
November 28th
December 5th
January 2nd
January 9th
January 16th
January 23rd
January 30th
February 6th
February 13th (Championship night)

Due to weather or other circumstances we may have to cancel leagues for that night. If we do cancel there will be NO makeup date(s).

League Rules

  • $50+tax first night for EVERYBODY. $10 per person to season championship purse.
  • $40+tax each following night with $5 to season championship purse.
  • EVERYBODY must have a $5 day membership or $10 annual membership
  • EVERYBODY must be signed up by 7PM! NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Pit meeting at 7-7:10PM-ish. Hotlaps/racing to follow ASAP.
  • *Raceceiver’s ARE mandatory for EVERYBODY racing

Racing Requirements


1. Anybody that has raced any slick oval leagues in the past can race leagues.
2. Must be able to drive & handle the adult karts to race in leagues.
3. Run 10 seconds or faster CONSISTENLY on “Tricky Triangle” to compete.
4. Or 12 and have verifiable dirt oval track racing experience.

Opening night lineup via how they sign up in order.
Opening night 2nd qualifiers invert starting of 1st qualifier and same people.
Second night and on line up via overall season points.
Night 2 and on qualifiers invert starting of 1st qualifier and same people.
NEW people not in season point’s results go to bottom in order they sign in/up.

Order of Racing

Hot laps (3 laps)

Time to let staff know if there are any kart issues. If all karts are ran in hotlaps and brought in pits then the karts stay in the pits unless there is a mechanical breakdown. Karts WILL BE ASSIGNED IN HOTLAPS!!

1st round of group qualifiers…….8 racers max to a 15 lap group qualifier
2nd round of group qualifiers……8 racers max to a 15 lap group qualifier


“D” Feature – 6 laps – 10 racers max
“C” Feature – 8 laps – 10 racers max
“B” Feature – 10 laps – 10 racers max
“A” Feature – 25 laps – 10 racers max

Consolation Features

“D” Feature –
4th fastest ave. laptimes from EACH qualifying group go to “D” Feature. Top 5 by position go to “C” Feature

“C” Feature –
3rd fastest ave. laptimes from EACH qualifying group go to “C” Feature. Top 5 by position go to “B” Feature

“B” Feature –
2nd fastest ave. laptimes from EACH qualifying group go to “B” Feature. Top 5 by position go to “A” Feature

“A” Feature –
Top 5 is lined-up from the fastest average laptime from each qualifying group (1 thru 5) from 15 lap qualifying rounds. So only 1 person from EACH group overall. Sixth thru tenth in A-Feature lined up via FINISHING position in B-Feature. (In qualifiers those that finish ALL laps will be considered first.)

Starting with last consolation feature you will be assigned a kart and will stay in assigned kart until the completion of leagues.

When D-Feature is done stay on track and then the C-Feature racers will roll out and then we will restack and go into the next race.

2nd place in the “A” feature must interview “A” Feature winner each week. Failure to do so will result in disqualification (No points for the night)

Points Structure

A-Feature points
1st place – 100
2nd place – 96
3rd place – 94
4th place – 92
5th place – 90
6th place – 88
7th place – 86
8th place – 84
9th place – 82
10th place – 80

Sixth place on back in B-Feature will get 60 points.

Season points tie breaker will be average nightly finishing position.

1-40 ppl:

D-Feature – Fourth fastest ave. laptimes from EACH group go to D-Feature

C-Feature – Third fastest ave. laptimes from EACH group go to C-Feature

B-Feature – Second fastest ave. laptimes from EACH group go to B-Feature.

A-Feature – Fastest ave. laptimes from EACH group go to A-Feature.

(In qualifiers those that finish ALL laps will be considered first.)

10 ppl…….2-2-2-2-2
11 ppl…….2-2-2-2-3
12 ppl…….2-2-2-3-3
13 ppl…….2-2-3-3-3
14 ppl…….2-3-3-3-3
15 ppl…….3-3-3-3-3
16 ppl…….3-3-3-3-4
17 ppl…….3-3-3-4-4
18 ppl…….3-3-4-4-4
19 ppl…….3-4-4-4-4
20 ppl…….4-4-4-4-4
21 ppl…….4-4-4-4-5
22 ppl…….4-4-4-5-5
23 ppl…….4-4-5-5-5
24 ppl…….4-5-5-5-5
25 ppl…….5-5-5-5-5

26 ppl…….5-5-5-5-6
27 ppl…….5-5-5-6-6
28 ppl…….5-5-6-6-6
29 ppl…….5-6-6-6-6
30 ppl…….6-6-6-6-6
31 ppl…….6-6-6-6-7
32 ppl…….6-6-6-7-7
33 ppl…….6-6-7-7-7
34 ppl…….6-7-7-7-7
35 ppl…….7-7-7-7-7
36 ppl…….7-7-7-7-8
37 ppl…….7-7-7-8-8
38 ppl…….7-7-8-8-8
39 ppl…….7-8-8-8-8
40 ppl…….8-8-8-8-8

Kart Breakdowns

We try to ensure to the best of our ability to keep karts up and running. All races are “1 and done” meaning kart breaks down you are done for that particular part of leagues.


(Driving over your head and or rough driving WILL NOT be tolerated):

– In all races if you receive a black flag from the flagman you are done and will be score accordingly. He makes the calls, he makes the punishments.

– In A-Feature if you receive a black flag and do not come off the track in a timely manner you will be done for leagues for remainder of league season.

– If you stand up/step foot on the track during a live race (which includes the yellow/red scenario) then you will be banned for FOUR WEEKS from Joes Karting unless you are instructed by track employee/volunteer otherwise.

Yellow/red scenarios:

– ALL restarts in ALL races are single file only from a deadstop.

*Raceceiver’s ARE mandatory and used by the flagman to talk to the league racers. Also this will provide a layer of transparency to all officiating calls made during leagues. Even spectators can use a Raceceiver and listen in.

**There may be a limited amount of Raceceiver’s to rent each night of leagues.

Any form of suspension and bans from leagues will automatically result in being deemed NOT eligible to win ANY CASH or CONTINGENCY PRIZES. SO KEEP IT CLEAN! **Can make changes at any time due to manager/flagman’s discretion.

Any psychically threatening or over the top negative drama anywhere and you will be out of remainder of leagues period and not allowed to attend league nights.


Weekly winners receive the following:

3rd in A-Feature 1 free race
2nd in A Feature 2 free races….**must do interview video with A-Feature winner.
1st in Weekly A-Feature winner receives photo with 1st place trophy and their choosing of his/her entry fee that night back or 3 free races.

Season Winner by points receive:
1st place receives $TBD* and 24 free races
2nd place receives $TBD* and 12 free races
3rd place receives $TBD* and 6 free races
4th place receives $TBD* and 5 free races
5th place receives $TBD* and 4 free races
6th place receives $TBD* and 3 free races
7th place receives $TBD* and 2 free races
8th place receives $TBD* and 1 free race
9th place receives $TBD* and 1 free race
10th place receives $TBD* and 1 free race

Highest finish driver per class that is a Eagle Raceway regular on Friday and/or Saturday nights at Eagle Raceway will receive a free number registration for 2024.

2023-2024 league Gift Card drawing

*General Public – $100
*Kart – $100
**Sport Compact – $100
**Hobby stock – $200
**Sportmod – $300
**Stock Car – $400
**Modified – $500
**Late Model – $500
**Sprint Car – $500
*Can be used on racing and or parts counter
** Can only be used on the racing parts counter.


You must run 75% of the nights in the total season or more to win.

For example:

9 of 12 nights
9 of 11 nights
8 of 10 nights
7 of 9 nights
6 of 8 nights
6 of 7 nights
5 of 6 nights
4 of 5 nights
3 of 4 nights
3 of 3 nights
2 of 2 nights
1 of 1 nights

You can only claim one license and must make it known at the start of leagues

Any ban or suspension from leagues would forfeit your chance of winning

At the end of league each class will have a random drawing. Drawing will be for one driver per class.

Example…if there are 4 sprint car drivers and all meet the criteria then all 4 names are thrown into a hat and one name will be drawn. Name drawn will be declared winner of the gift certificate regardless of where they are at in season points.

If a season points cash award cannot be paid due to attendance then said money will be paid out evenly to the remaining eligible racers.