The Malvern Bank "Slick Track" Series presented by Joe's Karting

Every Tuesday from October 1 - March 3
  • No leagues throughout the month of December.
  • The will be no makeup date(s) for any canceled league nights due to weather or other circumstances.
  • November 26 is “Prelude to the Stars” night. Racers with perfect attendance thru the first 9 weeks will be put in a drawing with the winner being a celebrity racer at the “Racing with the Stars”.
  • Can make changes at any time due to manager's request so keep it clean. Any negative drama anywhere and you will be out of leagues. .
  • Leagues start at 730PM
  • $40+tax first night for EVERYBODY $25+tax thereafter each following night
  • Must have a $3+tax day membership or $7+tax annual membership
  • Must be signed up by 715pm! NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Open to the first 40 people (first come first serve)
  • Everybody does (2) 20 lap heat races
  • Single file rolling start in qualifying heats.
  • Top 10 fastest lap times from the heats advance to the A-Feature
  • A-feature two wide start from a dead stop.
  • A-Feature is lined-up from fastest lap to slowest lap. A-Feature is 20 laps.
  • Minimum age is 12*
  • Everybody is required to use adult karts
  • 8 racers to a heat race and 10 racers to an A-Feature
*12-13 year olds must have:
  1. Done and passed a training course on the road course
  2. Have raced the road course minimum 6 times
  3. Drive the adult karts before being allowed to race in leagues races.
Racers are put in heat and position by which they sign in. Heat 1 – 8 racers
Heat 2 – 8 racers
Heat 3 – 8 racers
Heat 4 – 8 racers
Heat 5 – 8 racers
Racers are put in que then randomly assigned a heat race. Heat 6 – 8 racers
Heat 7 – 8 racers
Heat 8 – 8 racers
Heat 9 – 8 racers
Heat 10 – 8 racers
A-Feature – Top 10 racers from heats via laptimes from qualifying heats.


Christmas Eve: Open Noon to 6pm
Christmas Day: Closed
New Years Eve: Open 2pm to 10pm
New Years Day: Open 2pm to 10pm
Weekdays Dec 26 though Jan 4: Open at 2pm
Happy Holidays
Holiday Hours
June 1-7: Open 12-8pm
Regular hours begin June 8
COVID-19 Hours
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