Joe's Karting



  • CLOSED TOED SHOES are required! Sock and shoes rental is $5.
  • Wear comfortable attire and remember that these are combustion engines.
  • You can bring your own helmet as long as it is DOT approved.
  • Please bring driver’s license or permit. If you cannot, please bring some form of photo ID.
  • Racers must be 14 and up. Ages 8-13 can take a training course if they are 55″ or taller or can comfortably use the pedals.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will NOT be allowed to race!
  • Unsafe or out of controlled driving will not be allowed and will cause the loss of driving privileges with NO refund. Please drive safe and in control.
  • Anyone disrespecting the rules, damaging equipment, or using obscene language or gestures will lose driving privileges with NO refund!


Get Ready to Race

Take a quick minute at our front desk to review and agree to safety requirements and provide us your contact information for special offers before you race.


Group Outing

Joe’s Karting is available for private parties and group events, offering three different race packages and catering!

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