Safety & Requirements

- CLOSED TOED SHOES are required! Sock and shoes rental is $5.
- Wear comfortable attire and remember that these are combustion engines.
- You can bring your own helmet as long as it is DOT approved.
- Please bring driver’s license or permit. If you cannot, please bring some form of photo ID.
- Racers must be 14 and up. Ages 8-13 can take a training course if they are 55″ or taller or can comfortably use the pedals.
- Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will NOT be allowed to race!
- Unsafe or out of controlled driving will not be allowed and will cause the loss of driving privileges with NO refund. Please drive safe and in control.
- Anyone disrespecting the rules, damaging equipment, or using obscene language or gestures will lose driving privileges with NO refund!
Christmas Eve: Open Noon to 6pm
Christmas Day: Closed
New Years Eve: Open 2pm to 10pm
New Years Day: Open 2pm to 10pm
Weekdays Dec 26 though Jan 4: Open at 2pm
Happy Holidays
Holiday Hours
June 1-7: Open 12-8pm
Regular hours begin June 8
COVID-19 Hours
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